Monday, August 25, 2014

To Laugh with Life ~ *

I believe Life is already laughing & we are all a part of it. It's right there. It is always just beyond what you think you see ~ * that beautiful place of laughter... Studying for my work training, listening to Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, drawing smiley at first...then another for one word to two that seems to strike my fancy, then under requirements I see...

 "Undergarments must be worn" First a baffled eh? o.o ?  Then a subtle hint of -.- maybe tiny "they are being too serious" criticism in my head...

Then suddenly, peals of laughter like pouring out of rays of sunshine while realizing they probably are referring to male undergarments under white uniform shirts. 

Maybe it wasn't the realization part that struck me as funny. I think it was my seriousness at life that reached its tipping point as it tumbled down into, "I could go from 'now THIS is my serious issue I should focus on' to 'no, now THIS is the serious issue'...etc...etc..." OR I could just...laugh at myself for making seriousness so...serious...whatever the word implies to me at this point.

Everything can be serious...but sometimes I feel, I'm done being so darn serious. I want to dance with the laughter of life...Leela, my cosmic dance, I am here for you. Let's bring it!

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